A Biologist Explains CRISPR to 5 Different People; a Child, a Teen, a College Student, a Grad Student, and a CRISPR Expert. (WIRED Magazine) #1
CRISPR: The Gene-Editing Tool Revolutionizing Biomedical Research (60 Minutes)
CRISPR: Gene Editing and Beyond Animation (The Journal of Nature) #3
PBS It's Okay to Be Smart - CRISPR and the Future of Human Evolution Video (PBS Digital Studios)
How CRISPR Lets Us Edit Our DNA | Jennifer Doudna (TED Talk) #5
RadioLab - 2-Part Series on CRISPR (WNYC Radio Studios)
What is Gene Editing and How Does It Work? (The Wellcome Trust) #7
Rewriting Life: CRISPR Decoded (MIT Tech Review)
CRISPR, Sickle Cell Disease, and Bridging Communities (Innovative Genomics Institute) #9
Gene Editing Can Now Change an Entire Species Forever | Jennifer Kahn (TED Talk)
Bringing It All Into Perspective (Wikipedia) BONUS
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