Re-visit the original 1953 Watson-Crick paper that kicked started modern genetics. 1
Watch this interactive learning tool: What is the evidence of evolution?
Take a trip through the hidden world of organelles: Explore the iCell. 3
Create the classroom learning tool everyone has to touch: Origami DNA.
Watch the best five-minute refresher course in genetics anywhere: The Animated Genome. 5
Re-visit the fundamentals of evolution with this animated primer: "Does the Theory of Evolution matter?"
Extract DNA from strawberries at home, or in the classroom. Use our recipe. It's easy. It only takes two strawberries. YouTube video, or infographic directions in Spanish and English! 7
Borrow freely from our illustrations and animations library: Cells, organelles, genes, and more!
Browse our free online learning tools collection that have won our highest award: The ULC Resource of the Month! 9
Check out the amazing "Image of the Week" website from HHMI BioInteractive: Gorgeous images from researchers with supporting linked materials.
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Explore Genomic Resources

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