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The National Human Genome Research Institute has partnered with the Smithsonian to provide an online digital publication. Genomics: Insights allows highschoolers, college students and postdoctoral trainees to submit scientific writing about genomics and society for the opportunity to be peer-reviewed by researchers at academic institutions.

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The Latest Insights


Genetic Counseling: Genomic Screening Programs Illustrate an Astounding Number of Unknown Pathogenic Variants

The ability to look at your own genes seems like something from the far future, but is becoming increasingly accessible. Often, this information is used to determine genetic predispositio...

Do Host Genetics Drive the Human Gut Microbiome?

With evidence between the loss of key bacteria such as H. Pylori in our gut microbiota and the increasing rates for allergic disorders, we only grow more curious about the universe hidden...

Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factors to Treat Disease

What is neurotrophic keratitis? Neurotrophic keratitis is a rare ocular disease that leads to the damaging of corneal nerves. The cornea is like a regenerative shield for the eye, provid...

Moving from genetics for the privileged to genetics for all

The three billion letters in each of our genomes serve as the biological instruction book throughout our lives. It is a record of our previous generations—the meetings, matings, and movem...

Can modifying immune response genes prevent allo-HSCT patients from getting ARDS?

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, otherwise known as ARDS, is a life-threatening syndrome that admits fluid into the lungs that builds up in your alveoli, tiny air sacs in your lungs w...

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Submission Guidelines for Research Reviews

Submissions must follow these guidelines and should be between 500 - 1500 words, including a maximum of two figures or tables created by the author.

Submission deadlines

There will be two submission cycles for the upcoming year. November 1, 2024 will be the deadline for the first review cycle and March 7, 2025 will be the deadline for the second cycle.

Who is eligible to submit 

High School students, Post-Baccalaureate students, Undergraduate and Graduate students, and Postdoctoral trainees.

We encourage submissions from a team of two to three co-authors from the same institution. If authors are high school students, we also encourage them to get feedback from a high school or external academic mentor.

Who will review

Submissions that meet the guidelines will be reviewed by researchers from academic institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, National Institutes of Health and the industry.



What to submit

Topics should connect genomics to society. Some examples include:

  • Interplay of genomics and environment in health and well being
  • Genome editing tools and their role in medicine and biotechnology
  • Role of machine learning in predicting risk of disease outcome and severity

Submission form access

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Who to contact

Editor in Chief, Dr. Balakrishnan Selvakumar